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4 Biblical Musicals after Jonah, Ester, Ruth and Tobit

You can order the book Vier Bijbelse Musicals by Miriam Harten, Jan van der Stouw en Marius de Boer on The musicals are after Jonah, Ester, Ruth and Tobit. The book is written in Dutch.

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Miriam Harten (born 1954) is a Dutch artist. She made paintings, drawings, ceramics, and in the last ten years she became a writer. She wrote five biblical musicals, an opera and a little children's book.
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Westervoort, Holland
Miriam Harten lives and works in Westervoort, a small town with about 15,000 citizens, close to "a bridge too far" Arnhem. Miriam started as a drawing teacher and a painter, but over the last years she became more and more a writer. Her first booklet: "Hendrik-Koen van Konijnevelt met een T", about a little naughty boy and his single mother.

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